Tree Trimming

The most popular service in tree services is tree trimming. Tree trimming is necessary to keep the trees on your property from over growing. If your trees are expanding beyond your control call Quick Tree Service today and set up an appointment for tree trimming. Trees should be trimmed about once per year or as necessary. Trees do not control where the grow and that is where we come in. If your tree is growing near power lines or close to your roof, do not postpone tree trimming until it is too late. As strong gust or wind or storm can break a large branch off or your tree causing it to take down a power line or even worse, fall through your roof!

Tree Pruning

Many people often get confused with tree trimming and tree pruning. Tree trimming is simply cutting of branches when they become too large or too dangerous. Tree pruning is done usually when the tree is still young and maturing. Pruning involves making strategic cuts at specific points in the tree allowing it to grow in the direction you want, while still preserving the health of the tree. If you have just planted a tree or have trees that are still maturing, give us a call and we can come out and give your tree a professional pruning. Attempting to prune a tree yourself can be a bad idea if you are not a certified arborist or have extensive knowledge in tree pruning. Cutting the tree needs to be made at selective parts in the branches to shape and direct the growth of the tree. Do not spend the time and effort to attempt a service that is very complex. Call the professionals at Quick Tree Services, and we can have a certified arborist out to your home in no time at all!

Tree Removal

Cutting down trees is something that everyone tries to avoid. However when a tree is sick or dying or a major storm hits and destroys the tree, sometimes tree removal is necessary. Our tree removal specialists have the high powered equipment to cut down and remove even the largest trees.

Stump Removal and Grinding

In addition to our tree removal services, stump grinding and removal must also be done once the tree is cut down. Trees are usually cut down several feet above the base, leaving an unsightly stump in your yard. Quick Tree Service has special equipment to grind down the stump into small chunks and then haul it off. We also grind down all of the roots underground so that you can plant grass, shrubs or even another tree. Tree removal and stump grinding can be very dangerous if not handled by qualified professionals. Call Quick Tree Services today to set up an appointment. We have the lowest and most competitive prices in the industry.
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